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OpenAjax Alliance Authors: Lori MacVittie, Chris Pollach, Yakov Fain, Maureen O'Gara, Elizabeth White

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RIA & Ajax: Article

RIA Frameworks & Toolkits Track Featured at AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2007 West

Just One of Ten Simultaneous Tracks at the World's Leading AJAX, RIA, and Web 2.0 Event

Oracle's Ric Smith, ILOG's Patrick Ruzand, Sun's Roberto Chinnici, IBM's Leugim Bustelo & Phil Berkland, Ken Gardner from SOASTA, Joshua Gertzen from ThinWire, Erick Audet from TechSolCom and Jean-Francois Arcand & Francois Orsini from Sun.

These are among the more than a dozen high-caliber speakers lined up by SYS-CON Events to speak in the 'RIAs Frameworks & Toolkits' track at AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2007 West taking place September 24-26 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA - one of just ten simultaneous content-rich tracks at biggest version yet of the world's leading AJAX, Rich Internet Applications & Web 2.0 event.

The event is expected to attract more than 2,000 i-technology developers. The AJAXWorld Conference & Expo series grew from a single track, one-day seminar, less than a year ago, into a four-day international conference & expo with the following ten tracks:

Track 01
: Rich Internet Applications in Action
Track 02: Web 2.0 / Enterprise Mashups
Track 03: Enterprise AJAX
Track 04: RIA Frameworks & Toolkits
Track 05: Security & Performance
Track 06: Hot Topics
Track 07: iPhone AJAX Applications
Track 08: Advanced AJAX
Track 09: Platform Choices / Real-World AJAX
Track 10: OpenLaszlo Diamond Track

The AJAXWorld Conference & Expo series began as a sellout one-day event in NYC in 2006

RIA Frameworks & Toolkits Track Sessions include...

Server-Side JavaScript with Phobos - Roberto Chinnici

Project Phobos is a complete development environment for Web applications running on the Java platform. In Phobos, JavaScript is the main language used on both the client and the server tier, resulting in a unified data and code representation across tiers. Phobos supports multiple AJAX widgets toolkits and offers built-in support for the REST paradigm.

Speaker Bio: Roberto Chinnici is a senior staff engineer at Sun Microsystems, where he works on the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition, with particular focus on Web services, ease of development, and scripting. He is the architect for Project Phobos, a lightweight, scripting-friendly Web application development environment running on the Java platform.

Google Web Toolkit and Oracle Sleepycat - Erick Audet

This session is based on Erick Audet's real-life experience using the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) with a persistence layer handled by Sleepycat from Oracle. He will demonstrate how fast the response time can be when no middle-tier persistence layer such as Hibernate is used and no SQL is needed. He will also show how easy it is to maintain the source code when such an architecture is used. In comparison with Struts, this architecture does not use any configuration files, is platform independent, and runs on any Java EE application server. Mixing AJAX and an MVC framework with a real Java object database is a powerful and promising architecture. During his time at Oracle, Erick developed strong skills in the extraction and transformation of unstructured data from multiple sources, and that experience and those skills are leveraged into this presentation.

Speaker Bio: Erick Audet received a bachelor's degree in computer science and a master’s degree in data mining from Laval University in Quebec City, Canada. During is master’s, he published and presented many scientific studies, among them the publication of "Re-engineering of Relational Databases for the Discoveries of Decision Support System Information Patterns." This thesis enabled Erick to work at Oracle in the OLAP group in Waltham, MA.

RIAs with Apache Derby and Grizzly Comet - Jean-Francois Arcand & Francois Orsini

Since AJAX-based applications are almost becoming the facto technology when designing a Web-based application, it is more and more important that such applications react "on the fly" or in real time to both client and server events. When data are updated either by clients or servers components, it's becoming required to update the Web-based application in real time (e.g., a Webbased mail application). Comet Request processing is a technique to enable real-time updates of both client and server components composing a Web-based application. This session will highlight how a 100% Java database system such as Apache Derby can play an important role in enabling "offline" and "real-time" rich Internet applications (RIAs) by extending a Grizzly Comet-enabled application such as the browser with secure and elegant storage capability. Mixing Comet Request Processing and Apache Derby allow the creation of a real-time RIA application.

Speaker Bios: Jean-Francois Arcand has worked for Sun Microsystems since 2000. He currently works on GlassFish, mainly on the WebContainer and the new Java NIO-based http engine called Grizzly. Before joining Sun, he worked as a software architect for compagnies such as France Telecom, Microcell Telecom, and HMS Software in both Java and C++. Jean-Francois lives and works from home in Prevost, a small city in Quebec where life is perfect.

Francois Orsini is a senior staff engineer at Sun Microsystems, working on Java DB (based on Apache Derby) with 18 years' experience in databases and infrastructure development. His expertise is in distributed data management systems, security, resource management, HA cluster solutions, and connectivity services. Francois spent 8 years at Sybase as a senior engineer working on the SQL Server core engine. He also worked at Cloudscape, Inc. as a technical lead, where he designed and implemented connectivity, security and middleware services for the Cloudscape Java database, which has now been contributed to Apache as Apache Derby.

Eclipse AJAX Toolkit Framework - Leugim (Gino) Bustelo

The AJAX Toolkit Framework (ATF) provides exemplary tools for creating and debugging AJAX applications. These tools include enhanced JavaScript editing features such as edit-time syntax checking, an embedded DOM browser, CSS Tools, JavaScript debugger, a JavaScript console, and an embedded Mozilla Web browser. The goal of ATF is to provide an ever-expanding set of high-function tools for AJAX developers. The AJAX Toolkit Framework is an extensible framework that supports using arbitrary AJAX runtimes through the Personality Builder function. This session will demonstrate how to use ATF to create, debug, and deploy an AJAX application on both Apache and J2EE servers. This session will also discussion the new functionality in the latest release of the AJAX Toolkit Framework on Eclipse and the proposed JavaScript Development Tool project on Eclipse.

Speaker Bio: Leugim (Gino) Bustelo is a Software Engineer in the Emerging Technologies division of IBM Software Group. He has a bachelor's degree in both electrical and computer engineering from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez. He received his master's degree in computer science from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 2001, after which he joined IBM. Most recently, Gino has been working in the areas of AJAX, Web 2.0, Eclipse, and Rich Client Interface languages.

AJAX UI Testing - Ken Gardner

The technology of new Web applications - consumer or enterprise - is using AJAX UIs because they deliver a rich user experience without requiring any downloads or updates. While they allow a dynamic experience, the underlying technology has more moving pieces and the test design, setup and validation is more complex. Ken Gardner will share his experience in building and testing AJAX UIs and provide attendees with a best practices framework for successfully creating AJAX UI test scenarios. Attendees will learn what’s different about the technology, why current GUI testing solutions are not up to the task, and why cross-browser testing is now mandatory.

Speaker Bio: Ken Gardner, founder and executive chairman for SOASTA, is an industry veteran with more than 30 years in the enterprise software industry. He is a six-time entrepreneur having previously been the founder and CEO of Istante (acquired by Oracle in December 2004); Sagent Technology (IPO in April 1999); ReportSmith (acquired by Borland in March 1994); and ViewPoint Systems (acquired by Knowledgeware in June 1992). His first startup, in 1985, was Tesseract where he was senior vice president of technology. From 1978 to 1985, he worked in R&D at Tymshare. Ken’s extensive experience in creating winning enterprise software products has resulted in numerous industry awards including: * InfoWorld “Technology of the Year” - 2004 Istante * PC Week Labs “Analyst Choice” - 1997 Sagent Technology * “Best of Comdex” Finalist - 1992 ReportSmith. Ken sits on the board of directors for Everdream and Accept Software. He is a 1972 graduate of the University of Louisville and holds a BSC degree in finance. In 2000, he was named an alumni fellow by the University of Louisville, College of Business.

Beyond AJAX & JavaServer Faces: Architecting a Rich Client Framework - Ric Smith

The power of attraction need not only apply to the laws of physics and the occasional odd couple. The rich Internet application community’s own polar forces (i.e., client- and server-side logic) have their own perfect complement, namely AJAX and JSF. More than just a method of abstraction, the combination of JSF and AJAX can be used to erect a high-performance rich client framework, and in this talk we will dissect many of the architectural nuances of the symbiotic relationship between JSF and AJAX. The recently announced Apache MyFaces Rich Client Framework (RCF) will be used as a case study in this discussion as we delve into the complexities of client- and server-side component representation, rendering, event handling, and property management.

Speaker Bio: Ric Smith is a Principal Product Manager for Oracle's Application Development Tools. He is responsible for the evangelism and product direction of Oracle ADF Faces Rich Client as well as Oracle's AJAX and Java EE Web Tier offerings. Prior to joining the application server team, Ric worked for Oracle's consulting business as a Principal Consultant, specializing in Java EE and AJAX development. In addition, Ric is a frequent speaker at Oracle events and has written articles featured in industry publications such as Java Developer's Journal and AJAXWorld Magazine. He is also an Oracle representative to the OpenAjax Alliance.

Implementing Rich User Interactions in ASP.NET Controls with the Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Extension - Patrick Ruzand

After many years of rigid, techie, and limited Web-based user interfaces, the industry has quickly grown fond of AJAX for delivering more dynamic, user-friendly Web applications. Microsoft’s response to the AJAX momentum is ASP.NET AJAX. This talk illustrates how graphical components such as a diagramming component can benefit from ASP.NET AJAX to deliver sophisticated user interactions. The speaker will share his experience in developing editing diagramming capabilities using ASP.NET AJAX. These techniques have been studied and extensively used by ILOG’s .NET team who created a suite of visualization components integrated with MS Visual Studio using them.

Speaker Bio: Patrick Ruzand is a Software Architect at ILOG. He is working in the visualization team on the ILOG Diagrammer for .NET product. He has been working on the .NET platform for three years, developing WinForms and ASP.NET AJAX controls. Before that, he worked four years as a Software Engineer on the ILOG JViews Suite, a set of Java components specialized in vector graphics and 2D rendering.

Effective AJAX for Everyone Including the Enterprise - Joshua Gertzen

For all the great things that AJAX adds to the Web developer's toolbox, it can also add layers of complexity to a Web development stack that is already bursting at the seams. Choosing an AJAX framework that aligns its capabilities with your needs is important in achieving both your near-term and long-term goals. Therefore, understanding the four levels of AJAX frameworks that Gartner has identified can help you make a better decision. This session will outline a range of criteria you should consider in your decision as well as discuss the benefits of a Level 4 general purpose framework.

Speaker Bio: Joshua Gertzen is a professional computer programmer with over 10 years of experience in software development and architecture. His knowledge and experience range from utilizing differing programming languages, development frameworks, and architectural patterns, to troubleshooting complex architectural issues. Over the last six years, he has played a key role in building the technology infrastructure at Custom Credit Systems (, a Dallas-based software company. His primary focus over that time has been building Web architectures that utilize DHTML and/or AJAX programming techniques. In addition, he has been the primary architect behind building, maintaining, and enhancing the ThinWire AJAX Framework, which was recently open sourced. Joshua regularly posts updates to his blog ( )

Improving ASP.NET User Interfaces with the Micrsoft ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit - Robert Boedigheimer

There are many controls and extenders provided by the AJAX Control Toolkit that can be used to enhance ASP.NET user interfaces. The ValidatorCallout is used with the existing validation controls to show a nice box with the validation message that points to the field in error. The CollapsiblePanel provides an area of the screen that can be collapsed to hide the content but leave a title bar with the header. The ModalPopup displays a popup window and disables the remainder of the page. There are many controls provided that provide a much richer experience for ASP.NET Websites.

Speaker Bio: Robert Boedigheimer works for Schwans Shared Services, providing business solutions with Web technologies and runs Robert Boedigheimer Consulting. He has been designing and developing Websites for the past 10 years including the early days of ASP and ASP.NET. He was the lead architect, designer, and developer for the rewrite with ASP.NET, and recently implemented a large ASP.NET 2.0 project. He is a columnist for, an "Early Achiever" MCSD for .NET with C#, an MCPD: Web with C#, and a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Robert has spoken at industry conferences including the Heartland Developers Conference, Twin Cities Code Camp, Tulsa Tech Fest, Microsoft's Visual DevCon, and numerous national and international VSLive! events.

How to Develop AJAX Applications with Eclipse JavaScript - Phil Berkland

The Eclipse JavaScript Development Tools (JSDT) is an open source component of the Eclipse WST (WebTools) Project. JSDT provides some of the most powerful JavaScript development capabilities available anywhere. It can be used by both developers using AJAX, and by AJAX library developers.

Speaker Bio: Phil Berkland is a senior programmer in the IBM Software Group’s emerging technologies area. He has played a key role in several Eclipse projects, including the JSDT, PHP IDE, and IDE for Laszlo. He has 29 years of experience in the software industry with IBM.

An AJAX Approach to Easy and Effective Web Publishing - Nagendra Gulur & Archana Chetty

In this work, we propose a framework for web publishing that harmonizes the use of desktop document creation tools (such as the Microsoft Office suite) and classic webpage editing. Desktop tools are widely used for document authoring - for both structure and content creation. Our framework makes use of two key technologies that enable seamless publishing of such docunents onto the web: 1. WebDAV - for easy "drag and drop" of documents from the desktop PC onto web-mapped folders 2. AJAX - for a user-friendly online editing mechanism of such content We envision the framework to comprise automatic retrieval of content and publication of the same onto AJAX based webpages that enables both easy creation of the core documents as well as easy online editing, reviewing and stylizing of published content. We believe that this framework simplifies web publishing in a significant way, as also promoting more effective collaboration

Speaker Bios: Nagendra Gulur & Archana Chetty have worked for the tools group of Texas Instruments for the past 9 years, with interests spanning architectures and algorithms for user-friendly and high-performance applications.

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Speakers at AJAXWorld 2007 West include:
Brian Albers  –  Danny Allan  –  Christopher Allen  –  Sarah Allen  –  John Andrews  –  Daniel Appelquist  –  Jean-Francois Arcand  –  Erick Audet  –  Alex Barnett  –  Jeremy Bartley  –  Robb Beal  –  Phil Berkland  –  Robert Boedigheimer  –  David Boloker  –  Adam Breindel  –  Robert Brewin  –  Bob Buffone  –  Leugim Bustelo  –  Antony Campitelli  –  Max Carlson  –  Amitav Chakravartty  –  Brian Chess  –  Roberto Chinnici  –  Rod Cope  –  Bradford Cottel  –  Douglas Crockford  –  John Crupi  –  Siva Darivemula  –  Joaquin Delgado  –  John Eckman  –  Yakov Fain  –  John Fallows  –  Jon Ferraiolo  –  Charles Fiesel  –  Ken Gardner  –  Becky Gibson  –  Ted Goddard  –  Sue Googe  –  Nagendra Gulur  –  Arun Gupta  –  Andi Gutmans  –  Kris Hadlock  –  Kevin Hakman  –  Brent Hamby  –  James Harmon  –  Geoff Hendrey  –  Mike Ho  –  Billy Hoffman  –  Kevin Hoyt  –  Johnvey Hwang  –  Jonas Jacobi  –  Joe Johnston  –  Antun Karlovac  –  Charles Kendrick  –  Tamreen Khan  –  Ilan Kinreich  –  Joseph Kleinschmidt  –  David Knight  –  Sam Lawrence  –  Will Lowe  –  Jason MacDonald  –  Stephen Maryka  –  Nilofer Merchant  –  Ali Mesbah  –  Sun Microsystems  –  Matt Mihic  –  Eric Miraglia  –  Richard Monson-Haefel  –  Greg Murray  –  David Négrier  –  Kevin Nethercott  –  Michael Oliver  –  Francois Orsini  –  Adam Peller  –  Michael Pittaro  –  Jouk Pleiter  –  Tatiana Rafique  –  Nandini Ramani  –  John Rowell  –  Rob Rusher  –  Patrick Ruzand  –  Adam Sah  –  Jayant B. Sai  –  Chris Schalk  –  Dylan Schiemann  –  Bill Scott  –  Pothiraj Selvaraj  –  Anil Sharma  –  Archana Shetty  –  Bret Simister  –  Ric Smith  –  Rod Smith  –  Joe Stagner  –  Bryan Sullivan  –  David Temkin  –  Tenni Theurer  –  Lars Trieloff  –  Rowan Trollope  –  Nicolas Vandenberghe  –  Coach Wei  –  Dave Wolf  –  Dave Wright  –  Ari Zilka  –  Daniel Zucker  –  Kris Zyp  –  and more...

AJAXWorld 2007 East Conference & Expo Sponsored by the World's Top  Web 2.0 and RIA Technology Leaders!
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