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Opening Keynote at Cloud Expo Once the news got out that it had welched on its 2005 patent pledge to the open source community and had threatened TurboHercules (TH) with patent infringement, IBM had to come up with some cover story or another to contain the fallout. So it switched places with many of its observers and turned conspiracy theorist, accusing Turbo Hercules of guilt by association. Besides calling TurboHercules a couple of dirty names - a stock response to any threats to its monopoly in order to scare away its rivals' customers... And besides claiming that it didn't really flat out actually and in fact accuse TH of infringing - "we did not make any explicit assertions or claims," it said, "that TurboHercules had violated" that list of 173 patents and patent applications we sent them under the assertion that "IBM believes [this IP] will be infringed by an... (more)

In 2-5 Years, SAP and Oracle Will Upgrade ERP Applications to Web 2.0

In 2-5 years, SAP and Oracle will upgrade ERP applications to Web 2.0. However, a lack of standards, dominant frameworks, and IDEs inhibit mass AJAX adoption. Today, upgrading mission-critical applications with AJAX is considered risky. HP is working with industry-leading enterprises with high-volume e-commerce Web sites to understand and address performance validation issues for AJAX application testing, e.g., performance testing for multiple http calls per page refresh; testing for rich client-like user interactions; security testing; and dealing with the asynchronous nature of client/server communications and AJAX as the front end for SOA/composite applications. What’s worked and what hasn’t?  Speaker Bio: Siva Darivemula is Director, Product Management for HP Performance Center Software. He has extensive experience delivering new and advanced techn... (more)

Showtime: Bringing the Co-Web to a Screen Near You!

The Co-Web, the collaborative, media converged Web, is upon us. The Co-Web is interpersonal; it is about getting work done together. It is much more than surfing a YouTube/Google Map mashup while Twittering with co-workers. Showtime uses those same technologies to build a Co-Web page where we all interact on the same data at the same time, see the same context and make better decisions as a result. A Showtime Co-Web application uses the same standards as a normal mashup - OpenAJAX plus XMPP, RTP/RTSP and H.264 - yet remakes the mashup as the Co-Web. For the Co-Web - It's Showtime! Register for AJAXWorld RIA Conference & Expo Submit Your Paper to Present a Session Sponsor AJAXWorld RIA Conference & Expo Speaker Bio: Andrew Donoho, Web Theorist with IBM's Emerging Internet Technology Team, has a long history working with both Web standards and implementations. He was an... (more)

Flashback to January 2006: Exclusive SYS-CON.TV Interviews on "OpenAjax Alliance" Announcement

Read Sun's Take on "Open AJAX"– Tim Bray Speaks Out IBM is leading, but apparently not controlling, a bold initiative known as "Open AJAX" that brings this open-source application development approach to the forefront of the worldwide i-technology industry. The Open AJAX initiative does not have a centralized structure or website, but is rather an idea that is being formally backed by BEA, Borland, the Dojo Foundation, the Eclipse Foundation, Laszlo Systems, Mozilla Corporation, Novell, Openwave Systems, Oracle, Red Hat, Yahoo, Zend and Zimbra. A spokesperson for one of the major backers said that Google will also be backing this initiative. Exclusive SYS-CON.TV Interviews on "Open AJAX" Announcement IBM's David Boloker Announcing Open AJAX Oracle Exec Ted Farrell Outlines Oracle Open AJAX Strategy Sun's Dan Roberts Discusses Java Studio Creator 2, Open AJAX Laszlo S... (more)

"Will the Term 'AJAX' Always Exist?" Oracle Evangelist To Ask at AJAXWorld 2007 East

With the continued evolution of AJAX enabled technologies which dramatically simplify how to build AJAX applications, will the term "AJAX" simply wither away as All Web technologies will eventually support AJAX and the novelty of rich client Web development will disappear? That is the question to be discussed at AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2007 East by Chris Schalk, Principal Product Manager and Java Evangelist for Oracle's application server and development tools division. Schalk's primary expertise is Web application development and he works to define the overall set of Web development features for Oracle JDeveloper including JavaServer Faces and ADF Faces. He also serves as Oracle's representative to the OpenAJAX Alliance, which will be in March 2007 continuing its tradition of organizing its biggest meetings to coincide with AJAXWorld, since so many of its 50 me... (more)

Adobe Joins AJAXWorld as Platinum Sponsor

SYS-CON Events announced today that Adobe has been named the "Platinum Sponsor" AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2007 East. The Adobe Engagement Platform enables great experiences through the following key elements. Cross-platform, cross-browser, cross-device clients, a composite-driven programming model, and server frameworks and tools that accelerate the development of compelling applications. Adobe Flex, part of the Engagement Platform, is a complete application development solution for creating cross-platform rich Internet applications. And by combining the best of AJAX and Flex, developers can now build next generation expressive, interactive applications that include vector graphics, audio, video, and charting. For more than two decades, Adobe’s award-winning technologies and software have redefined business, entertainment, and personal communications by sett... (more)

'The AJAX Moment' Mushrooms into the Web 2.0 Movement

Early in 2006, before the general Internet-using public was aware of what I began referring to ­ in editorials, blog entries, and SYS-CON's Internet TV Webcasts ­ as "The AJAX Moment," there was a strong sense among industry insiders that AJAX-like approaches, if not actually AJAX itself, were a shoo-in as the new paradigm for the development of Web 2.0 and the fulfillment of the software development community's long-held dream of complete freedom from operating system or runtime environment­dependent technologies. By running on Internet technology ­ i-Technology ­ instead, businesses could not only enjoy such freedom but also quickly enable all the rich-media functionality we have come to associate with AJAX ever since Google popularized a smarter, more responsive and interactive Web experience by launching its Google Maps and Gmail applications. Was the early op... (more)

When Does AJAX Make Business Sense?

Hard-nosed executives recognize that there are costs associated with any benefit. To convince today's upper-level decision makers to approve strategic investments, they need to hear more than phrases like "essential to the business," "the results are too unpredictable," and "yields intangible benefits." In the world of Web development, the move from HTML to AJAX-powered HTML can often be achieved at a relatively low cost, but there are both direct and indirect costs associated with AJAX that must be taken into account. A close analysis of these factors will enable business managers to make more well informed decisions when considering AJAX adoption in a particular application and across their organization. Let's look first at the expected benefits from AJAX. AJAX is all about ways to create a more interactive and productive connection between a user and a Web-based ... (more)

Helmi Technologies Joins AJAXWorld Conference As "Gold Sponsor"

SYS-CON Events announced today that Helmi Technologies joined AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2007 East as "Gold Sponsor." The leading Web 2.0 and RIA event will take place on March 19-21 2007 in New York City. Helmi Technologies provides an AJAX-based development platform for rapidly and cost effectively building and deploying browser independent rich Internet applications (RIAs). Their object-oriented RIA platform enables developers to effectively create rich, high performance and highly interactive web applications by leveraging their existing development skills and development environments, such as Eclipse and JBoss. The platform enables companies to slash development time by 50%, significantly reduce costs, and speed time to market. The Helmi team has been developing RIAs for over a decade and is passionate about solid engineering and design for creating a rich end u... (more)

AJAXWorld 2007: Google's Chris Schalk To Ask, "Will AJAX Always Exist?"

With the continued evolution of AJAX-enabled technologies, which dramatically simplify how to build AJAX applications, will the term "AJAX" simply wither away as ALL Web technologies eventually come to support AJAX and the novelty of rich client Web development disappears? This is the question that will be asked by Google's Chris Schalk (pictured) in March at AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2007 East in New York. The leading Web 2.0 and RIA event will take place on March 19-21 2007 in New York's Roosevelt Hotel in midtown Manhattan. Schalk, a Tech Lead in the Developer API Evangelism group at Google, is also one of the original members of the OpenAjax Alliance. Prior to Google, he was a Principal Product Manager and Java Evangelist for Oracle's application server and development tools division. While at Oracle, Schalk worked to define the overall Web development experie... (more)

Adobe Flex Developer Bootcamp Will Take Place on June 24, 2007 in New York City

Flex Developer Bootcamp is an intensive, one-day hands-on training program that will teach Web developers and designers how to build Rich Internet Application using Flex. The one-day bootcamp will take place on June 24, 2007, at the historic Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. Flex Developer Bootcamp is a hands-on workshop that is not offered anywhere else: during this day attendees will  create two fully functional applications. This workshop will be taught by Flex experts from Farata Systems – Yakov Fain and Dr. Victor Rasputnis, who are using Flex in the real-world projects and are co-authors of the book Developing RIA with Adobe Flex and Java. Pre-requisites: working knowledge of any object-oriented programming language. Each student has to bring his/her laptop with pre-installed trial version of Flex Builder, Flex Data Services and MySql database (instruction... (more)