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SYS-CON Events announced today that Microsoft joined AJAXWorld Conference & Expo as "Gold Sponsor." Microsoft technologies enable designers and developers to create next generation web experiences. With frameworks like ASP.NET AJAX, developers can quickly create pages with sophisticated, responsive user interfaces and more efficient client-server communication by simply adding a few server controls to your pages. Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq "MSFT") is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. More information about Microsoft's rich internet application solutions can be obtained at Platform Choices track sessions and speakers have been announced at the AJAXWorld website. Click Here - For Discounted RegistrationClick Here - To Submit Your PaperClick Here - To Spons... (more)

Netflix UI Guru To Present on Crafting Rich Web Interfaces

Over the last 24 years Bill Scott has been involved in the study of nuanced design in crafting rich interfaces, so who better at the 6th International AJAXWorld RIA Conference & Expo to address the topic "Crafting Rich Web Interfaces" than the UI and UX guru who is currently Director of User Interface Engineering at Netflix. In every field of design one of the first things students do is learn from the work of others. They study and break down real-world examples in order to understand the underlying principles and patterns that make for successful design. Then they learn to apply these to their own set of problems. The real trick is to apply them in a nuanced manner. To be nuanced is 'to be sensitive to delicate differences of style.' Most of the art in crafting a rich experience on the Web can be summed up with this one word - 'nuance'. Prior to joining Netflix, he... (more)

Themes & Topics: 6th International AJAX World RIA Conference & Expo

A round-up of the overall themes and topics being presented at the 6th International AJAXWorld RIA Conference & Expo at The Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, CA, October 20-22, 2008 - including AIR & Flex, AJAX, ASP.NET, Business Case for RIAs, Cloud Computing, Comet, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), iPhone Development, JavaScript, Mashups, Mobile RIAs, Open APIs & Toolkits, SaaS, Security, Silverlight, Social Software, and User Interface & User eXperience Issues. AIR & FLEX FLEX + AIR + MOBILE Nicholas Thomas – Co-Founder & COO, Finicity In this session Nicholas Thomas will share his experience in migrating from AJAX to Flex as the primary client for a consumer web-based SaaS product. Bringing Voice and Messaging to Flash and AIR Charles Freedman - Director, Developer Platform, Ribbit Freedman will demo how, with the growing demand of RIA and voice-over-the-web solutions, developers ... (more)

Flashback to January 2006: Exclusive SYS-CON.TV Interviews on "OpenAjax Alliance" Announcement

Read Sun's Take on "Open AJAX"– Tim Bray Speaks Out IBM is leading, but apparently not controlling, a bold initiative known as "Open AJAX" that brings this open-source application development approach to the forefront of the worldwide i-technology industry. The Open AJAX initiative does not have a centralized structure or website, but is rather an idea that is being formally backed by BEA, Borland, the Dojo Foundation, the Eclipse Foundation, Laszlo Systems, Mozilla Corporation, Novell, Openwave Systems, Oracle, Red Hat, Yahoo, Zend and Zimbra. A spokesperson for one of the major backers said that Google will also be backing this initiative. Exclusive SYS-CON.TV Interviews on "Open AJAX" Announcement IBM's David Boloker Announcing Open AJAX Oracle Exec Ted Farrell Outlines Oracle Open AJAX Strategy Sun's Dan Roberts Discusses Java Studio Creator 2, Open AJAX Laszlo S... (more)

"Will the Term 'AJAX' Always Exist?" Oracle Evangelist To Ask at AJAXWorld 2007 East

With the continued evolution of AJAX enabled technologies which dramatically simplify how to build AJAX applications, will the term "AJAX" simply wither away as All Web technologies will eventually support AJAX and the novelty of rich client Web development will disappear? That is the question to be discussed at AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2007 East by Chris Schalk, Principal Product Manager and Java Evangelist for Oracle's application server and development tools division. Schalk's primary expertise is Web application development and he works to define the overall set of Web development features for Oracle JDeveloper including JavaServer Faces and ADF Faces. He also serves as Oracle's representative to the OpenAJAX Alliance, which will be in March 2007 continuing its tradition of organizing its biggest meetings to coincide with AJAXWorld, since so many of its 50 me... (more)

Adobe AIR, Google Gears, Slingshot... The Fat Client Is Back!

The need to support off-line capabilities has driven some RIA providers back to the fat client platform. For example, Adobe AIR, Google Gears, and Slingshot are all examples of this trend. The fat client offers a lot of advantages over RIA technologies such as AJAX, but there are also some serious drawbacks. Is history repeating itself? Will the surge of interest in fat clients be disruptive to the Web and RIA technologies? This presentation will examine those possibilities and provide advice on when, if ever, developers should use Fat Client technology. Speaker Bio: Over 14 years of professional experience in enterprise application development, writing, and analysis. Sr. Analyst for Burton Group covering Java, RIA, open source, and mobile application development. Member of the JCP Expert Committee, member of EJB 2.1, EJB 3.0, and J2EE 1.4 JCP Expert Groups. Archite... (more)

Rich Internet Applications with OpenAjax Hub 1.1 & SMash Secure Mashups

In this session Jon and Sumeer will describe current work at OpenAjax Alliance on OpenAjax Hub 1.1 and secure mashups. Mashups have the potential for revolutionizing the way Web applications are developed, but there are security risks. In order to unleash the industry, OpenAjax Alliance is adding secure mashup features to its OpenAjax Hub 1.1 release. This new release will include a set of techniques called "SMash" that were originally developed by IBM Research and allows for secure mashups that run in today's browsers. The session will introduce mashups, OpenAjax Hub, and SMash, and will highlight related OpenAjax work around widget metadata standards. Speaker Bios: Sumeer Bhola is a research staff member at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, where he investigates security for the Web. He has previously worked on distributed computing, computer supported collabora... (more)

AJAX World RIA Conference & Expo Attracts Top Faculty

Rich Internet Applications offer the potential to fundamentally change the user experience and in doing so, yield significant business benefits. The theme of this October's AJAXWorld Conference & Expo 2008 West is 'Beyond AJAX to the RIA Era' and the Call for Papers, which is still open, specifically encourages submissions from exceptional speakers with high-quality use cases of the fast-emerging RIA alternatives. Call for Papers Now Open - Submit Your Speaking Proposal Here ! The business value of RIAs is very clear: aesthetics do matter and users would like a pleasant experience. Most enterprise applications are based on old client-server technology with high cost of ownership and lack of flexibility. Switching to the Web as a platform for mission-critical applications is very appealing as it lowers the TCO significantly. Industry experts are arguing that enterprises ... (more)

Widgets, Security, and the OpenAjax Alliance at AJAXWorld

No longer can only Google do JavaScript in the browser. AJAX toolkits galore have flourished and now, without having to have geniuses on your payroll, companies can build Google-like apps. But there is enormous diversity among the AJAX toolkits, said John Ferraiolo today at the 5th International Conference & Expo in New York City, and therein lies a problem: a rich ecosystem with lots of alternatives that fill different niches brings with it a need for resolving interoperability issues - the standards are not yet in place to get a widget from one toolkit to talk to another from a different toolkit. AJAX is now mainstream, and is becoming a standard feature of mobile phones. You will be able to browse the same exact web pages on your mobile phones, with the same HTML and JS being used on the desktop--albeit with modifications for screen size, touch screens like the iPh... (more)

AJAX World RIA Conference News - IBM Web Theorist Andrew Donoho to Speak

"The Co-Web, the collaborative, media converged web, is upon us," says Andrew Donoho, Web Theorist with IBM's Emerging Internet Technology Team, who will be speaking in October at SYS-CON's 6th International AJAXWorld RIA Conference & Expo in San Jose, CA (October 20-22, 2008). Donoho been creating and pushing implementations of the bi-directional web since 1999 and has been extending that idea to building a Co-Web with a scalable UI for the last 18 months. "The Co-Web is interpersonal," Donoho says, "it is about getting work done together. It is much more than surfing a YouTube/Google Map mashup while Twittering with co-workers." He will be giving a session entitled "Showtime: Bringing the Co-Web to a Screen Near You!" Showtime, says Donoho, uses the same standards as a normal mashup - OpenAJAX plus XMPP, RTP/RTSP and H.264 - yet remakes the mashup as the Co-Web. "It ... (more)

AJAX Integration Guide for Spring Enterprise Applications

Today, there is a wealth of technologies to take advantage of to add AJAX behaviors to your Spring-based Java Web applications. This session will assume you know the basics of AJAX and Spring, and will dive straight into evaluating the leading AJAX technologies, and how to integrate them with Spring to take full advantage of an existing Spring infrastructure. Attendees will emerge with an understanding of which tools to use when, and how they work in a Spring environment to create enterprise class rich Web applications. Register for AJAXWorld RIA Conference & Expo Submit Your Paper to Present a Session Sponsor AJAXWorld RIA Conference & Expo Speaker Bio: Jeremy Grelle is a senior software engineer with SpringSource and the technical lead of the Spring Faces project which provides first-class integration between Spring, Spring Web Flow and Java Server Faces. He is a ... (more)